AI for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing domain Big Data refers to the huge amount of multiple-source and heterogenous information generated along the product lifecycle. It may include manufacturing data coming from the company’s information systems, and equipment and product-related data collected from smart factories and items featuring IoT technologies.


Manufacturing companies of different scales can achieve impressive advantages by leveraging these data through artificial intelligence, to improve the production process, deepen the knowledge on products performance and real-time operating conditions and make aware decisions.


Aiblooms software is designed to get the most out of the data which is pervading the operational activities of manufacturing enterprises. It can involve machine learning algorithms for predictive tasks, such as fault detection or preventive equipment maintenance, or optimization models to generate the best production and inventory plan and make an efficient use of the available capacity and resources.


Our software has been successfully developed for manufacturing enterprises operating in different sectors, such as the food, packaging, household cleaner and semiconductor industries.