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Why Aiblooms
Machine learning and artificial intelligence software for data driven companies

Highly valuable

You get high returns on investment. Our software allows companies to harness the value of data and drive key decisions. Be more competitive and profitable through artificial intelligence.

Fast Deployment

You achieve quick wins: get high quality results in short time. Fast deployment of our software is enabled by modularity and rapid testing. High customization will fit your needs.

Technological Edge

Our software relies on advanced technologies to deliver high performance. Based on microservices, it is platform independent and can be run either as-a-service in cloud or on premises.

World-class Solutions

You find excellence and broad field experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We design and develop innovative ad-hoc models for predictive and optimization tasks.

For You
Our knowledge and experience to support your business actions

Demand Forecasting

Unleash the power of our machine learning algorithms and achieve unmatched accuracy in demand forecasting, to increase profitability and make informed decisions about pricing, staffing, supply chain management, business growth and market potential.

Consumer Insight

Use our machine learning algorithms to effectively transform the massive amount of data about your customers and sales into insight and predictions to optimize your marketing plans, retain more customers, grow their value, increase sales.

AI for Manufacturing

Get the most valuable insight from manufacturing data to optimize production and logistics, deepen the knowledge on real-time operating conditions, achieve high production quality and reliability.

Tell us what you need

We create artificial intelligence software tailored to solve your business needs. We design your roadmap towards big data analytics to achieve the biggest advantage from machine learning and optimization.

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Demand Forecasting

Retail Industry

Consumer insight

Telecommunications Industry

Demand Forecasting

Textile Industry

Consumer Insight

Insurance Industry

AI for Manufacturing

Semiconductor Industry

AI for Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

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On the boundary between Academy and Industry
Where theory and practice are successfully combined

Aiblooms is a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano. It is a boutique consulting firm bringing together the long-standing experience that its members developed in prominent cross-industries projects.

Artificial intelligence is much more than making calls to libraries. We invent machine learning algorithms which are the backbones of our software to solve your hardest problems.

Founders and team

Founded by Carlotta Orsenigo and Carlo Vercellis, Aiblooms is composed by academics, data scientists and software engineers.

Carlotta Orsenigo is associate professor of computer science at Politecnico di Milano. She is co-director of the International Master in Business Analytics and Big Data and co-founder of Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WiMLDS)-Milan.

Carlo Vercellis is full professor of machine learning at Politecnico di Milano. He is founder and director of the Observatory on Big Data Analytics & BI and co-director of the International Master in Business Analytics and Big Data at Politecnico di Milano.