Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is a critical issue for most companies across all industries, challenged by increasing market volatility and shorter product-cycle times.


Accurate demand forecasting provides business with valuable information to cope with critical processes within and across different departments, helping them to make informed decisions about pricing, staffing, supply chain management, business growth and market potential.


By combining historical data with other available information specific to the company-industry, our proprietary machine learning algorithms unleash the power of artificial intelligence to achieve unmatched accuracy in demand forecasting.


We design machine learning algorithms which overcome the limits of traditional forecasting methods, based on time series of past sales, by uncovering hidden relationships connecting demand to other context dependent information, such as promotions, prices, competitors actions, brand and product positioning, by also learning the most appropriate features representation.


Our software has been applied in a variety of companies in different industries, including retail, manufacturing, fashion, telecommunication, transportation, utilities. In each business case it achieved unmatched prediction accuracy.